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‘Snow Much Fun!’ – December Weekend Camp

By Brooke Wilson, Director of Communications

Here at Camp Aldersgate, we go big! So, when we planned our December Weekend Camp for the Holidays, we decided that recognizing one holiday was just not enough! Our December 10th-12th Weekend Camp celebrated several favorite holidays including Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. That’s not all, though! We also enjoyed observing National STEM Day, World Music Celebration Day, and World Kindness Day.

This fun weekend kicked off with some rainy weather, but even though ‘the weather was frightful, the games we played were still delightful.’ Campers played Bingo and enjoyed cabin hang-out time Friday night while we weathered the storms.


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On Saturday, our full schedule began with our Holiday Spectacular! During this event, we made gingerbread houses, crafted and exchanged Valentine’s Day cards, and played St. Patrick’s Day-themed Yahtzee. For National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Day, campers learned about polymers and the science behind fake snow as we made snowman jars. Did you know that “instant snow powder is a super-absorbent material called sodium polyacrylate? It’s related to sodium chloride which is also known as table salt! (National Geographic)”


World Music Celebration Day brought out our inner musicians as we created a giant drum circle to create and explore different rhythms. Campers also had fun with a game called “hot and cold” where they hid an item, and the counselors had to find it! Once the counselor was close to the hidden item, the instruments got louder, but if they went the wrong direction, then the noises got softer. Everyone had fun with this musical treasure hunt!

Other highlights of the weekend, including writing holiday cards for each other in honor of World Kindness Day, watching a holiday movie, throwing paper snowballs, and celebrating one of our camper’s 16th birthdays with her cabinmates! Santa and his elf even came by to say hi.

Our December camp was truly a blast as we celebrated our favorite holidays! We are looking forward to 2022, where we have lots of fun, themed Weekend Camps in store! You don’t want to miss out on these programs, so make sure to sign up for our email list here.

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