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A Weekend in Wonderland

By Brooke Wilson, Director of Communications

Our November 5-7th weekend camp was topsy-turvy! This weekend’s theme was “Down the Rabbit Hole,” where creativity and fun flourished. Campers used their imaginations to participate in a variety of themed activities.

These activities included crafts, games, and celebrations! During the crafty portion of the weekend, campers made Mad Hatter hats, created stepping stones, and assembled Thanksgiving trees. Each artistic creation was unique! Some hats were transformed into Arkansas Razorbacks, while others were pink and glittery. The stepping stones and Thanksgiving trees were put together thoughtfully as we reflected on gratitude.

The games and celebrations were definitely a highlight of the weekend! One of our favorites was the tall tales game, where participants narrated their own story – the possibilities were endless! This activity encouraged independence, as everyone was the creator of their own story and outcome. True to theme, campers also learned how to play royal croquet, enjoyed an “un-birthday celebration,” and sipped tea and decorated cookies at our Mad Hatter tea party!

Overall, we had so much fun with this theme and this group of campers! We can’t wait for our next and final weekend camp of the year as we celebrate the holidays!

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Virtual Camp: December 3rd-5th – Palettes and Performances

Let the good times roll and the creativity flow with art, crafts, music, and so much more!

Weekend Residential Camp: December 10th-12th – Holidays

Grab your favorite holiday attire (e.g., Halloween costume, patriotic shirt, reindeer antlers, St. Patty’s Day hat, etc.) and head to Camp for an epic celebration that you won’t want to miss!

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