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Communications Team Welcomes Two New Interns

This June, Courtney Lane and Caroline Moore joined the Camp Aldersgate family as our first ever summer communications interns. Brooke Wilson, Camp Aldersgate’s Director of Communications, will be showing them the ropes of camp life.


Courtney Lane

Courtney is Camp Aldersgate’s photography intern this summer. A rising junior honors student attending the University of Kansas, Courtney is majoring in multimedia journalism and strategic communications. She has an eye for detail, which will come in handy when she is capturing special moments of the campers.

Why did you choose Camp Aldersgate?

I love working outdoors but I also love working with kids with special needs. I wanted to work at Camp Aldersgate last summer, but their counselor positions had just been filled. This summer, they had the photographer position, so it was both loves combined.

What do you want to learn most from this experience?

I want to learn how to better take outdoor and portrait photos, as well as gain experience in using photos for marketing.

What do you think is most special about Camp Aldersgate?

Their mission is helping kids who might not be able to go to traditional summer camps and providing experiences that they would not normally have. I think that is really cool.


Caroline Moore

Caroline is the communications & public relations intern for the summer season. She will be a junior this fall at the University of Central Arkansas, double majoring in communication and public relations. Her passion for art and public speaking combined with love for kids makes this the perfect opportunity.

Why did you choose Camp Aldersgate?

I have always wanted to make a difference with my creativity. My words matter now because they will benefit the kids coming here for a wonderful adventure. I think I will learn so much about community and hard work. The environment here is so warm and welcoming.

What do you want to learn most from this experience?

This is my first internship, so I am ready to glean whatever I can from Camp Aldersgate. I want to grow in my confidence and my ability to communicate.

What is special about Camp Aldersgate?

The people here truly care about making the small changes for big differences. Accessibility and fun are the priorities here, which makes Camp Aldersgate set apart from other summer camps. Children who don’t normally get to zipline, fish, and participate in archery have the aid they need all in one place.

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