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Meet Our Two Program Interns!

Anna Cobb and Carol Thompson joined Camp Aldersgate’s intern program team at the start of the summer season. They are helping the staff gear up for new campers in their own unique ways.


Anna Cobb

Anna is one of Camp Aldersgate’s program interns and a supervisor. Majoring in recreation and park administration with an emphasis in therapeutic recreation at Arkansas Tech University, Anna will be graduating in December. Her drive to help people led her to Camp Aldersgate, and she’s excited to pitch in wherever she can.

Why did you choose Camp Aldersgate?

We [at Arkansas Tech] got to help with Camp Stormy, a partnership with Russellville school district, so I got to come see camp in action. I’ve always had a passion to work with kids with physical disabilities, so as soon as I found Camp Aldersgate I thought it was perfect.

What do you want to learn most from this experience?

I want to learn about the various diagnoses we see here, and getting a hands-on experience with that will benefit me in my career.

What do you think is most special about Camp Aldersgate?

The people; the camp culture we have here is strong, unlike any other work environment. People here truly love helping and serving others. You don’t see that very often.


Carol Thompson

Carol is a senior at the University of Central Arkansas, working on her doctoral occupational therapy capstone. She joined two weeks ago under Luke Nippers, Camp Aldersgate’s Director of Programs, and already is learning so much about how therapy is integrated into the program design.

Why did you choose Camp Aldersgate?

I felt, through my capstone project, that this would be a wonderful place to show how OT [occupational therapy] can be incorporated into this environment. I thought it would be a great way to collaborate and see how I could fit in here.

What do you want to learn most from this experience?

I want to learn how to work with kids of all ages and various abilities, and how we can help them be the best version of themselves in different, unique ways. 

What is special about Camp Aldersgate?

I love so far how welcoming everyone has been. They are willing to find a spot for everyone. It provides an inclusive environment for individuals to take risks and try new things and engage with peers that they have never had the opportunity before, especially if they had stayed home. 

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