2000 Aldersgate Road


Birthday: 30 November 2001
College/Major/Year: Princeton University, Neuroscience, Class of 2024
Hobbies Developed During Pandemic: TikTok, Video Games (Skyrim, Animal Crossing)
Current Favorite Local Eats: Fu Lin (Chinese), Zangna (Thai), El Palenque (Mexican)

If you had to create a slogan that represents your personality and what people can look forward to from Camp’s newest intern this summer, what would it be?

Everyone else outgrew crocs, but I grew into them. My obsession started at Camp. It created a sense of levity. Campers remember my bright orange crocs or a specific Pokémon charm. Sometimes, popping the charms in and out of place simply relieves stress. My Crocs helped separate camp, a place of love and acceptance, from typical day-to-day difficulties. Professional in the office, I wear clean sneakers. Nonetheless, Crocs’ childlike enthusiasm and cheerfulness travel with me. At camp, Everything is bright!

What is one of your first memories of Camp that sparked your inner passion for this place?

Memories are formed from moments. I didn’t even need a moment. My first afternoon, a wonderfully exuberant boy walked into my cabin shaking pink and white pom-poms haphazardly over his head, messily singing every other word to an Ed Sheeran song. In a single second, image, impression, I knew camp was a home where everything is beautiful if it is happy.



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