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A Quick Guide to PASSE and Waiver

Did you know that the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) provides funding for children and families that you may be able to take advantage of and apply to your Camp Aldersgate session fees?

The state has several different programs, but today, we are going to focus on two: PASSE and Waiver Services.

PASSE stands for “Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity,” and “is a program that serves Medicaid clients with complex behavioral health, developmental, or intellectual disabilities” (Arkansas Department of Human Services, 2024).  PASSE changes the way services are paid for by Medicaid for certain eligible individuals. It does not change a person’s eligibility for Medicaid. There are four PASSEs: Arkansas Total Care, CareSource, Empower, and Summit Community Care.


“The PASSE provides care coordination to connect you with community support, doctors, or manage the services you are receiving, or any additional support needed,“ shared Christie Greene, senior director of complex care, Empower Healthcare Solutions.

Community and Employment (CES) Waiver, commonly referred to as “waiver” or “DD waiver,” helps provide care coordination in receiving services. Arkansans of all ages with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) may apply for waiver. There is currently a waitlist to receive waiver services, but if you apply for waiver and are approved for Medicaid, you can still receive certain services while on the waiting list. These services include medical equipment, counseling, personal care, and occupational, physical, and speech therapy. “Clients are randomly assigned to a PASSE to manage their care once they are approved for the CES Waiver or added to the CES Waiver Waitlist” (DHS Fact Sheet).

How do these two programs work together?

Your services are managed and reimbursed by the PASSE if you:

  • Are on the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver
  • Are on the DD Waiver wait list and gets Medicaid state plan services

Essentially, your waiver provider will work with your PASSE to pay for specific services under Medicaid.

How do I get started with PASSE and Waiver?

  1. Call PASSE beneficiary support to learn more about the program or to find out if you currently have PASSE: 1-844-843-7351.
  2. If you have questions about your eligibility for CES waiver or to get started, contact the CES waiver referral helpline in the DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) at 501-683-5687. You can also check your waitlist status by emailing [email protected].


CES Waiver application process


How can I use my PASSE and Waiver funds at Camp Aldersgate?

If you have both PASSE and Waiver, you can potentially use these funds to help pay for your camp session!

  1. If your camper has a PASSE they utilize for other services, contact your direct support manager (DSM) to verify if Camp Aldersgate can be added to your plan.
  2. Contact your service coordinator or case manager through your Medicaid waiver to see if “respite services” are currently included. Camp Aldersgate’s programs fall under this category. If respite services are not currently included in your plan, then you can request a plan revision. If a revision is possible, be sure the effective date occurs prior to your Camp Aldersgate session!

Check out this list of resources about PASSE and Waiver:

CES Waiver – Arkansas Department of Human Services

CES.Waiver_Fact_.Sheet_110520_.pdf (arkansas.gov)

DDS_CES_Waiver_Provider_List.pdf (arkansas.gov)

PASSE – Provider-Led Arkansas Shared Savings Entity – Arkansas Department of Human Services

Arkansas-PASSE-Program-Ownership-and-Control.docx (live.com)

The PASSE and Waiver programs can be a bit overwhelming and hard to understand at first, but they can be great potential resources for families. If you still have more questions about PASSE and Waiver, please reach out to PASSE beneficiary support and the CES waiver referral helpline at 501-683-5697. If you have PASSE and Waiver but have additional questions about using your funds towards Camp Aldersgate, please call us at 501-225-1444 or email [email protected]. We hope this blog has been helpful to you!

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