A L D E R S G A T E   A F T E R   D A R K

APRIL 29, 2022
Camp Aldersgate

Travel through time with us to celebrate 75 years of service.

For our platinum anniversary we will take guests through the decades from 1947 until today – no DeLorean required. Continuing our beloved evolving itinerary format, guests will enter the time portal for one groovy night of chilling at Woodstock, hustling at the disco, sipping coke floats, or hanging on a comfy sofa with big cups of coffee. Could it BE any more fun!

Guests will be able to forgo formal fashion for the night and come dressed for your favorite decade. From poodle skirts to parachute pants, bell bottoms to bomber jackets, disco chic to tight rolled jeans, you choose!

In lieu of a typical silent auction, guests will be able to purchase from Valley Mall to fund impactful experiences for our campers – all while they enjoy the sites, sounds and tastes of the decades.

Thank you to our sponsors & hosts!

Far Out Friends Sponsor

Smiley Technologies, Inc.

Woodstock Wigwams

Arkansas Children’s
Dr. Laura Hobart-Porter
Hanks & More Fine Furniture
Med Camps Inc.

1950s Diner

Landers Diner

Studio 75


Valley Mall and Arcade

JW Benafield Foundation

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Coffee Bar

Mitchell Williams Law Firm

Time Traveler

The Hatcher Agency

The Business Bunch

Central Bank
Dillards Inc.
First Horizon Bank
Forest Hill Capital
Landmark PLC
Malmstrom White Company
Methodist Foundation for Arkansas
The Chacko Group at Morgan Stanley
Pediatrics Plus
Simmons Wealth Management

Time Trekker Hosts

Austin Brightop
Anna & Tim Coon
Roxie & John Culp
Karen & Jerry Fetzer
Bo Frazier
Lisa & Jay Gandy
Lori & Arlene Green
Sarah & Riley Hays
Michele & Bram Keahey
Kim & Art Kinnaman
Holly Marr & Cathy Engelkes
Kai & David Meador
Lisa & Reza Shahim
Jessica & Zach Steadman

Special thanks to:

Bailey Construction
Crafton Tull
John Mark Goings/Allstate Insurance
Barbara A. Nichols
Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics
Ashlin & Dr. Aaron Spann

In-Kind Services Provided By:

Colonial Wine & Spirits
Jukebox Coffee
New Artisan Distillery for hosting “ROXOR Bar”
O’Connor Distributing
Salon DeVal