2000 Aldersgate Road


While packing for your time at camp, we ask that you pack plenty of clothes, undergarments, sleepwear and socks for each day. Please consider weather-appropriate clothing. We also ask that you bring the following: tennis shoes or any sturdy shoes for walking and hiking, open-toed shoes for the pool, towels and washcloths, toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.), one-piece swimsuits (applicable only in warmer months), insect repellent, sunscreen, pillow, sleeping bag and/or twin-sized blankets and sheets, flashlight, prescribed medicine in original bottle with doctor’s instructions, and a week supply of all medical supplies currently needed for daily care.


Please do not bring: cell phones, radios, iPads/tablets, video game players, TVs or electrical appliances. Hair dryers and electrical shavers are allowed. Please do not bring personal sports equipment. Pets are not allowed, unless your pet is a certified therapy or service dog. Weapons of any kind, including knives, are prohibited at Camp Aldersgate.


A complete packing list will be sent prior to your camp session.

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